Welcome to the official website of the PIT - PERFORMANCE . IMPROVEMENT . TECHNIQUE

The PIT was set up with one goal in mind.
To unleash the athletic capabilities in every person that walks through our doors.

Human beings are born athletes, human beings are born to move.
It doesn't matter if you are older.
It doesn't matter if you are young.
It doesn't matter if your goal is to lose weight, or gain muscle.
If you want to move better, or move mountains.

What we provide is the right environment for training.

Sure, we have fun along the way, but every person who comes in train's with heart.
Something you too will have once you become part of our fitness family.

Training will be tough, we will never promise that it will be easy.

Nothing in this world is achieved without effort.
It will however be planned properly with the proper progressions to make sure that train safe and that you achieve progress.

After all, exercise is only movement.

TRAINING however is exercise with PROGRESS.

Contact the PIT at (65) 6222 4860 to enquire how our personal trainers can help you with your fitness goals. Alternatively, please fill up our form on the Contact Us page.

See you at the PIT.