Functional Training

Functional training focuses on training movements, not muscles. This method of training involves the use of more functional positions.

The term has been thrown around by many fitness instructors who think that mimicking everyday movements under a load of some sort (A dumbell, resistance band, superband etc) equates to training functionally.


Functional training is NOT just simply mimicking everyday movements.

Like any training program protocol, a functional training program requires planning and progression. A few factors to consider in a functional training progam would be muscle balance, stability, strength and power - all in different planes of movement.

Each factor rides on the next to make an exercise program work in a functional environment. At the PIT, our emphasis is on training with proper progression to maximise the benefits of a functional training program. Standing on 1 leg on a bosu ball while you bounce another stability ball is not functional training. It's a circus act. Functional training is teaching the body to communicate within itself to fire up the right muscle GROUPS at the right time, and in a safe manner.

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