The Triath-Fit programme trains your body’s muscular system for the three disciplines of a triathlon: swimming, running and biking.

Our system is a return to what is natural and effective. It is not a new concept. It has been around since the beginning of time. Some misinformed trainers just refuse to believe it works. We KNOW it works. In a nutshell, we train movements, not muscles; and there is a systematic, scientific way to go about doing it.

True, part of our Triath-Fit programme is “traditional” strength training. To not have that would be akin to building a house on loose soil. But what should you do closer to race day? Will a bodybuilding regime based on leaness and/or muscle gains help you in your triathlon?

Another important factor covered in our Triath-Fit programme is injury prevention. Most injuries occur from improper training technique, muscular imbalances, and a weak core. The body is also not used to the ballistic twisting and rotation that is involved in the sport. The greatest benefit of a consistent strength training program is injury prevention.

Let our trainers help you get stronger, faster, and most importantly, race for longer.